Triloka Incense Sticks – Hopi Pinion


Triloka Brand was a customer request which quickly turned into a huge success.  The scents are varied and customers have “FAVORITES.” If I run out of a scent, they let me know immediately, and I order it right away.

Triloka Hopi Pinon premium Incense sticks are a high-quality, hand-rolled natural incense is invigorating and reassuring.  This masala incense is made from flowers, woods, resins, roots, herbs, gums, oils, etc. Triloka takes the finest ingredients nature has to offer and makes a beautiful herbal incense that is long lasting.  It is a cottage industry fair-trade product crafted in India.

Triloka incense sticks will release fragrance years after storage because of its high quality ingredients.  Use these fragrant sticks for meditation, as a mood enhancer, or as a natural air freshener.

How to Light a Stick Incense

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Triloka incense is handmade according to the ancient tradition of India supporting an age old cottage industry. It is purely an art – blending over 20 natural ingredients to create an enchanting unusual line of incense.

Size:                   1/8″H X  2 1/4″W X 8 1/2″L Package Dimensions
Stick Size:          Approx.: 8″ Stick
Weight:             10 grams or .35 oz of Incense – Box with Product .8 oz
Quantity:           10 Sticks
Burn Time:        Approx.:  30 – 45 minutes
Made of:            Wood, Flowers, Roots, Resins, etc. rolled and put onto a stick
Made In:            India
Location:           Also Available  at the Store
Item #:               INST-TRHP

Additional information

Weight .8 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 2.25 × .25 in