How to Light a Stick of Incense

Lighting a stick incense is really simple, but you must have it in a safe burner away from flammable materials.

You will need 3 items:

  1. A Stick of Incense
  2. An Incense Burner
  3. A Match or Lighter

There are 2 types of Stick Incense

  1. Incense with a Core (Stick in the Center with a little part sticking out at the bottom)
  2. Solid Stick Incense (No Core in the Center and more fragile)

Incense with a core can be burned in almost any stick incense holder and Solid Stick Incense Holder

Wooden Incense Burner

Solid Stick Incense must be burned in a non-flammable burner i.e. Ceramic, Metal, Sand etc.

Light your match or lighter and get the tip of the stick burning.  If you have a flame-wait for a few seconds then blow it out.  All you want is smoke, no flame. (You may have to repeat until you see the little orange/red glow at the tip of the incense and smoke coming out the end.)

Now place the stick in the burner.  (I will sometime light the stick in the burner if I can get the angle of flame right.)

Make sure the stick is away from drapes, fabric and all flammable material.

That’s it.  Sticks burn at different times.