Madame Nilene’s Blessing Oils

Madame Nilene’s Blessing oils are all about the higher good. Always remember to ask for what is in your higher good before using Madame Nilene’s Blessing Oils. These oils can help you find the favorable outcome you desire if it is in your higher good. These Blessing oils are based on old recipes passed down through the generations with a little of today thrown in.

Remember never use someones name when using these oils unless you have asked permission.  For instance if you are wanting to bring in love say, “I would like to bring in a partner, friend and lover for my higher good.”  If you say, “I want Bob to be my husband;” you are taking away Bob’s free will and allowing that your free will can be taken away.  Remember be careful what you wish for.

Madame Nilene’s blessing oils can be used on candles, to anoint your body, pouches, lucky jewelry, stones, in honey pots, in the bath, dabbed on a cotton ball to put in your pocket or in a purse, etc.

Madame Nilene’s Blessing Oil:


Black Cat


Guardian Angel


Keep Away Dark Energies


Palo Santo