Vesta Powder


I find Vesta Powder useful for:

  • Dispelling Negative Chi or Energy
  • Removing Nasty Spirits and their Stinky Remains
  • Moving Bad Vibrations Right Out the Door
  • Stopping Gossip and People talking Behind your Back
  • Calling in The Goddess Vesta
  • Helps with all work involving the Cauldron
  • Brings in the Spirit and Purity of Children
  •  Calls to Childlike Innocence and Hope     READ MORE HERE

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Vesta Powder helps dispel negative energy.
Weight:              Approx.:  1  oz.
Size:                    Approx.:   .2″H X 3″W X 4 ½L
Made from:      Pewter
Color:                 White
From:                 Made in Long Beach, CA
Warehouse:      W2-38
Item #:               SMUD-VESTA
Vesta Powder is flammable.  Keep away from CHILDREN & FLAME!

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × .25 in