I just whipped up a batch of Vesta Powder

I use Vesta Powder to dispel dark, old stuffy energy.  This honors the Goddess of the Hearth – Vesta.  She represents Fire and Motherhood or Maternity.

Goddess Vesta

The History of Vesta

Vesta was a Roman Virgin Goddess of the home, hearth and family.  She was depicted as flame or fire and her temple could only be entered by her Vestals or priestesses.  They were the only ones permitted into the temple to tend the sacred fire at her hearth.  The Roman people considered her a guardian Goddess and each year the Roman festival Vestalia was celebrated on June 5th – June 7th by honoring the sacred flame which was a manifestation of Vesta. Vesta was the daughter of Saturn and Ops, sister of Jupitier, Neptune Pluto , Juno and Ceres.

In Ancient Greece Hestia was the name of the Goddess of hearth, home, family and also architecture.  She was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea.  She would receive the first offering at every sacrifice of the household.

Temple of Goddess Vesta

I find Vesta Powder useful for:

  • Dispelling Negative Chi or Energy
  • Removing Nasty Spirits and their Stinky Remains
  • Moving Bad Vibrations Right Out the Door
  • Stopping Gossip and People talking Behind your Back
  • Calling in The Goddess Vesta
  • Helps with all work involving the Cauldron
  • Brings in the Spirit and Purity of Children
  •  Calls to Childlike Innocence and Hope

How to use Vesta Powder:

Place ½ teaspoon of Vesta Powder in an incense burner or metal ash tray and light with a long match.  You can also light a charcoal tablet and throw a pinch of the powder on the prepared charcoal.  I have also use this by using a spoon and putting it on a candle.

Greek Goddess Hestia

Remember just a small amount goes a long way.  The poof of flame followed by the fog of smoke, quickly blasts out any dark energy that needs to be removed.

Try this outside so you can see what Vesta Powder can do before using this indoors.  Safety First!

Keep it stored in a cool, dry and safe place away form heat and flame.  Also keep away from children, animals, and skin contact.


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Would you like to make your own?
Recipe for Vesta Powder:

1/4 Cup  Powdered Sugar or Cornstarch
1/4 Cup  Saltpetre

(I have heard of using Corn Meal instead of Powdered Sugar or Cornstarch, but that seems kinda chunky.)

Painting of Vestia

Mix together thoroughly. Store in a waterproof container and keep in a cool, dry and safe place away from heat and flame.  Also keep away from children, animals, and skin contact.  FLAMMABLE!