Bracelet – Power Mini – Jade – Green


I love these Power Mini Bracelets! They come with a gemstone description card, are stackable and beautiful.  I believe each stone holds special properties.  You can stack them by color or by the properties of each individual stone. (The one photo is taken on Icicle Selenite which helps to charge and clear the bracelets.) I personally cleanse and charge all gemstones before I them to you.

Read more about each gemstone here:

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Size:                  Approx. 3″ Diameter    Bead Size Approx: 4mm
Weight:            Approx. 5 grams    .18 oz
Made Of:         Elastic and Gemstone Beads
Color:               Pale Green
Location:         At Store
Price:                $7.00

Additional information

Weight .18 oz
Dimensions 3 × .25 × 3 in