Power Mini Bracelets Gemstone Properties

This is a quick reference quide to the properties of the 4 mm power mini bracelets we carry.  We try to have these bracelets in stock all of the time, but sometimes we sell out.  If your interested in one and don’t see it, just let me know.  As most of you know I am a gemstone junkie.  I love the gems and crystals and hope you will too.

African Turquoise Jasper – Positive Change
Opens Opens mind to new ideas and new possibilities. Brings structure, balance and prosperity. Eases mood swings.

Agate, Blue Lace – Communication
Assists with verbal expression of thoughts and feelings. Inspires loyalty and trustworthiness.

Agate, Moss – Harmony
Balance emotions and releases stress. Trust and Hope. Attracts abundance. Attract new friendship and love.  Green Thumb


Azurite – Creativity
Enhances inspiration and intuition. Leads one to joy. Aids in focus and inspiration. Flexibility in matters.

Bloodstone – Personal Healing
Boosts energy and increases endurance. Stimulates the immune system. Builds courage. Raises self-esteem.

Calcite, Orange – Cleansing
Clears blocked energy and increases motivation. Helps with memory.  Inspires and Enhances Creativity. Healing.

Dumortierite – Intellectual Activity
Enhance mental abilities. Take control of your life. Overcome obsessions.  Increase willpower and self-mastery.

Fluorite – Rainbow

Goldstone – Blue

Iolite – Self Vision
Awakens inner knowing. Stimulates creative self-expression. Access thoughts beyond the ordinary.

Jade – Blue

Jasper – Picture

Labradorite, Blue – Magic
Increases mystical and psychic abilities. Balances Intuition and Intellect. Lends strength for change.

Lepidolite – Acceptance
Enhances self-love, patience and optimism.  Clears Blockages bringing cosmic awareness. Calming. Soothing. Good for depression.


Rose Quartz

Ryolite – Joy
Enhances Connection to Mother Earth and all its inhabitants. Integrates past and the present. Deepens acceptance of our true self.  Aids in communication with animals.

Smokey Quartz – Centering
Excellent Grounding Stone. Transforms negative energy to positive energy. Helps you achieve your personal and business goals.

Sunstone – Leadership
Brings openness, benevolence and warmth. 

Tiger Eye

Topaz, Yellow – Intention
Provides faith to bring all matter of good things into one’s life.  Attracts helpful people and brings new friendships.

Tourmaline, Multi –
Opens the heart. Promotes understanding and tolerance. Love from within. Attracts inspiration and prosperity.

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