Triple Moon Meaning

The Triple Moon is symbolic of the triple Goddess in her 3 phases of Maiden, Mother and Crone. Glowing with reflected light, the Moon represents light within the darkness, and is associated with the female divine energy.

Of course, the moon has a fourth phase, the New Moon, and for this some speak of a Dark or Unseen Goddess. Those who do not use the fourth phase roll the Dark Goddess in with the Crone.

Lunar energy offers us the ability to connect with the flowing powers of magic and mystery and our powers of psychic perception and intuition.

As the moon waxes and wanes and is reborn anew, the Moon brings us the potential to connect with our own ability to rejuvenate or lives.

Triple Moon and Tree

Attributes commonly ascribed to the Triple Goddess’ aspects:

  • Maid – Childhood, adolescence, beginnings, purity, virginity, independence, courage
  • Mother – Motherhood, protection, fertility, growth, sexuality
  • Crone – Old age, wisdom, change, transformation, death, rebirth, banishing