My sense of humor is back.

I reached up to find the cat hair (a common occurrence at my house, as my fluffy JuJu Bee sheds her winter coat) that had attached itself under my nose. Every time I breathed out my nose it moved around. Instead of finding the cat hair as I expected, I found a mustache hair attached above my top lip, just left of dead center.

And just like that my pre-Covid-19 sense-of-humor was back.

I went into the bathroom to take a look and realized that I had probably left weed-wacker territory a few weeks before and had now entered chain-saw territory.  I didn’t even need my glasses to see the forest before my eyes.  I also checked other areas and just laughed at loud.  Here I have more time, but less time.  I hadn’t been putting on make-up, shaving, putting on earrings, and pretty much everything else that got me out the door before.

When I did leave the house to pick up the parents prescriptions and food, I went through the garage, took off shoes and clothes, put on Covid Clothes and easily sanitized shoes, Rubber Gloves and a mask. I was having a hard enough time just remembering to sanitize the keys, my phone, outside of my wallet, well you get the idea , when coming back from my excursions.  That doesn’t even include cleaning the groceries, bags and outside packaging of anything going into the house.

I am by no means a fashionistsa, glamoranista or make-upnista.  I am a crystalnista.  I always try to put on gemstone earrings everyday.  My crystals calm me and keep my feet on planet earth.

So what happened! I got caught up in all the drama.  Some drama was mine to own, but I had decided to own a lot more than just mine.  T.V. News Stations on all the time, telling lots of stuff, but nothing new.  I would try to change the station, but others would put it back on to the news.

I started to tune it out, which I can easily do and my sense of humor is back.  Now I need to go find a chain-saw to take care of the forest, put on some crystal earrings and get back to putting product up on the website.  Life is funny.  It changes constantly and keeps me on my tippy-toes.  I just need to keep remembering that!

(I wish I looked as good with a mustache as JuJu Bee does!)