Properties:  Barite helps you realizing all things are possible. Helpful in healing the earth.  Connection with your spirit guides.  Native Americans used Barite to shape shift and to move from the spiritual to the physical plane. Enhance Loves. Stimulate teamwork. The most sacred areas of one’s life are those in which ancient hatred has been transformed into love. Emotional Healing, Harmony & Love. Protection from Radioactivity.  Use around computers, cell phones & EMF fields. Can re-charge itself.

On a side note – Barite is a very heavy stone.

This stone helps with your skin.  You can make an Elixir for the skin, external use only. For Acne, Sunburn, dermatitis & fungal infections. 4 Cups H2O & Stone. 48 Hours in Sun. Strain & put in covered bottle.  It is also good for the removal of toxins, Weight Loss and  Addiction.   Pineal Gland

Chakra: Third Eye & Throat

helps with weight loss
Barite with Vandanite