Navajo Medicine Wheel by Cybill Smith


Native American Navajo Medicine Wheel

Read More …The wheel was a reflection of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and it gave people guidelines to follow for personal growth. It told people what they needed to learn and what they needed to teach. Everyone was ordered to work on themselves, or else leave the tribe. After several generations of this work, people lost the concept of blame and anger….  Read More

This Native American Medicine Wheel comes from the Navajo Tribe.

Made By:  Artist Cybill Smith

Artist Census #  426-480


Size:                      Wheel: 6″ X 6″, Hanging from top to Feather 11″H
Weight  :              2.3 oz.
Made from:         Leather, Feathers, Metal, Antler, Bone
Made In:              USA
Artist:                   Cybill Smith  Navajo Tribe
Warehouse:        2-4


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