Fiery Wall of Protection


Fiery Wall of Protection oil is used for ALL Intense Protection.  This is an oil that belongs in everyone’s home.  You can put it on gates, doorways (Anoint the Bottom Left Side of the Doorway or Gateway,) Windows, Work Spaces and anywhere you want to keep negative energy or chi from entering the space.  This oil will help to neutralize the danger.  It can be used in situations where you are expecting trouble.  It is also used in Candle Dressing for Protection.

Madame Nilene’s Blessing oils are all about the higher good. Always remember to ask for what is in your higher good before using Madame Nilene’s Blessing Oils. These oils can help you find the favorable outcome you desire if it is in your higher good.

How you can use these oils


The oil may vary from the one in the photo.  I am working on photographing all of the oils. (My Apologies)
Size:                 2 1/2″H X 1/4″ X 1/4  or  3 1/2″H X 3/4″W X 3/4″L
Weight :          1/4 oz. Bottle or 1/3 oz. Roll-On
Made of:         Glass Bottle, Plastic Cap, Oil, Herbs,Flowers, Fruit, and crystals
Made In:         Belmont Shore, CA  USA

Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions .75 × .75 × 2.5 in
Nilene oz.

1/4 oz Bottle, 1/3 oz Roll-On