Are you ready to let go of that sh**? Full Moon Time

Full Moon energy is here! Let that sh**…stuff go!

It’s time. We are moving faster and faster on the information highway.

It’s time to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you.

If you can’t sleep, move forward, change, find time, etc… IT IS TIME TO LET THE STUFF GO THAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU. If you can’t find time – understand you have all the time you need.

If you feel stuck use the power of the Full Moon to help you.

Can’t move forward- understand you have to release the leash from the past. Can’t sleep – you need sleep to stay healthy, so why do you want to be sick – maybe you need a break or rest from what you are doing (your job? or family?) is no long serving you how it is now.

Time for change. Full moon is about letting it go.

We will be doing a ritual at Bolsa Chica State Beach or another location every month. You can write down what you want to release and we will have a place to burn it. (I hope to start this back up in 2020.  My Dad had a brain bleed and last year was just about getting him better! Thanks for all the love from everyone.)

Can’t make it to our ritual – do a ritual at home:

Open the Ritual by writing: “I am ready and willing to release all patterns of negativity in my consciousness and life that no longer serve me. I thank these experiences for their lessons, and now release them with full forgiveness towards myself and others. I especially release: (List everything you are ready to let go of.)

Feel the power of the Full Moon.

Understand that you have powerful forces wanting you to be the best self you can be. Trust that when you are ready you will move forward even if you don’t know what is holding you back.  (I always ask that anything holding me back (that I may not recognize, but am ready to move) be removed.)

Let the rays of the Full Moon energy cleanse you.

Close the ritual by writing: “I now surrender all of this in exchange for wisdom, growth, and new beginnings. I let this all go for the best and highest good of all concerned.”

Burn it if you can do it safely. Otherwise you can tear it up into small pieces and take it directly out to the trash. (Outside your home.)  I also keep a stack of paper that dissolves in water on hand. (SmartSolve Water-Soluble Dissolving Paper.  I buy it on Amazon)

For those of you that can’t light a fire, get a bowl of water add some salt and stir.  Write your items on the special dissolving paper and just stir it in the bowl.  You can flush the water from the bowl down the toilet watching it go or you can take it outside and pour it in the soil.