I heard about Orgonite when I was in college (Humboldt State University.)

Orgonite is a very interesting beast, part resin, part crystals and part metal. It was created by Wilheim Reich in the 1930’s. Orgone was the name Reich gave to the energy found all around us.

Today we recognize that energy as chi, prana, ether, elan, life force, or the fifth element.

Orgone Point
Orgonite Point

One of my fellow students, John, had a disc of Orgonite in his dorm room. He didn’t care what it was. To him it was an interesting-looking object a friend had given him. Our fellow students, including myself, were constantly picking it up and holding it. We could feel the energy off that little piece of man-made art, but didn’t know why.

When I read up on it, my interest began to grow. It is the Crofts, Don and Carol that discovered orgonite could be made on a small scale, allowing a person to carry them.

By adding crystals to the mix you have a continuously operating unit that transmutes negatively charged energy into positively charged energy creating a pure clean balanced environment.

Basically, a positive energy generator has been created.

So how can this help you? I call it the even playing field effect. I consider Orgonite an environmental “Crystal.” This means that it benefits anyone in the vicinity of its field.

For work, you could put it in your desk – everyone coming into the vicinity of your desk will move into the field of clean, positive energy. In this case “Work Energy.” Everyone would be working on the common goal of getting the job done. That is why you go to work. The exchange is the money you receive for doing your job.

For home, you could put it where you feel you need balance. If the family argues in the kitchen – place it in the kitchen. If you can’t fall asleep – put it in the bedroom.

If you feel a little creative – make your own.