Hanksite Crystal – Stone of Clarity and Truth

Halite Trona Mineral
Hanksite Cluster


Stone of Clarity and Truth

Properties:  Hanksite can help access information from the ancients. Move between dimensions and utilize that knowledge to help you navigate your life now. Strong protection from negative energy. Cleanse and charges the energy now and the energy of the past. Moves through the layers of your life (known and unknown) so you can forgive yourself and others for what has happened in your life and celebrate the joy. You see clearly now those that are not good for you and those that elevate you. This allows you to shoot forward with love, trust and kindness in your heart.

This stone helps with water Retention, Detox, Panic Attacks, Phobias

Solar Plexus & All of the Chakras

About:  This rare stone can only be found at a few places on the planet. One is at Searles Lake in Trona, CA.  Hanksite is an evaporate from Searles Lake. It is a sulfate mineral, distinguished as one of only a handfull that contain both carbonate and sulfate ion groups.

It is associated with halite, borax, trona and aphthitalite. Being an evaporate you must keep your hanksite from getting wet or damp. Your crystal has been coated with mineral oil  (Baby Oil may be used)  to prevent moisture from damaging it. This should be done every year to keep your crystal looking good.

*Do not get Wet*