Bloodstone or Heliotrope

green stone with red in it
Bloodstone or Heliotrope

Bloodstone also known as Heliotrope

Properties:  Stone of Courage. Be right here-right now. Intense Healer Halts Bleeding. Used for breaking old patterns. Grounding. Avoid Danger and instills strength in extreme conditions.

Build strong relationships. Dispel states of obscure thought & bewilderment. Renew yourself. It is used for healing, victory, courage, wealth, power, legal, matters, business & growth. It has been used by magic practitioners to protect & exert control over evil spirits.

It was used in Ancient Egypt to open doors & break bonds. This stone can break the destructive patterns holding you back, from moving forward. Embrace “Christ Consciousness.” “Unconditional Love.”

This stone helps with:  Menopause & Menstrual Cramps. Blood, Kidney, lover, leukemia, rashes, & eyes.

Chakra: Root & Navel

Bloodstone from South Africa