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Z Fabrique partners with readers and practitioners as an extension of the Z Fabrique Community.

Due to Covid 19 All readers are doing Virtual Readings. You can reach out to them below:


Gina Grant is a tea leaf reader whose mystic gifts include clairvoyant, claircognizant and empathic perception, energetic healing, and channeling, all centering around her calling as a wisdom channel, which has been active since childhood. She has a heart for you and your heart’s concerns and desires and uses her gifts to help you get answers and understand what’s going on for you spiritually. In a tea leaves reading she connects on the soul level to bathe you in a field of healing and channel your message in conversation. As an author and teacher with 30 years of personal and spiritual development experience and hundreds of channeled works to share, Gina also guides nationwide clients in group and personal mentorships, private sessions, and downloadable e-workbooks from her Mystic Woman, Paradigm Shift and True Love programs.

Phone/Text: (949) 424-7717
Payment: Venmo, PayPal, Credit or Debit Card
Readings Technologies: Phone, Zoom or FaceTime

Dan Steinbacher Hi, I am an intuitive and an empath, and both of these gifts inform my tarot reading practice. My goal for any reading is provide my client with the insight and message that they are ready to hear (otherwise they wouldn’t be across the country able from me!). My role is to deliver the message with as much clarity as possible.
As a Gemini with Sagittarius rising, my readings are often direct and to the point, and leavened with humor and empathy. I tend to be most accurate when clients are looking for insights into their relationships—romantic, familial, and self.
In my non-tarot time, I like to read, garden, and spend time with my birthworker-extraordinaire wife, Sarah. You can read my blog and book a reading at— I am also available for energetic house cleansings!


My name is Jovan and I am an Intuitive Tarot Reader & Reiki 3 Practitioner. I am Clair cognizant with a healing quality to my readings, by infusing all my Tarot sessions with Reiki energy so that my clients feel a sense of peace and clarity during and after the session. My style is honest but compassionate. My sessions will bring you a lot of insight to your questions, with practical advice as well.  I have helped to guide people through their life journeys for many years. I work with my Angels to connect to your Angels and Guides to help you unlock your Wisdom within. Helping you find the truth of your life situations is my passion. My readings are very accurate, with helpful, loving guidance and healing messages from your own Guides that you most need to hear.  I specialize in Life Path as well as Esoteric matters, but offer all types of readings, with accurate answers for all your concerns.

.Phone number for calls, facetime, skype: 562-786-1114

Facebook video chat: Jovan Illa
Tarot Reader and Reiki Practitioner

Kajora Lovely is a tarot practitioner and second degree reiki healer in the Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method lineage. She has studied with local reiki healers and incorporates this knowledge in her tarot readings. A Long Beach native, she has studied a variety of subjects and uses her collective knowledge when working with clients. Self-taught in the symbolism and history of tarot cards, incorporates her abilities of clairaudience and clairvoyance in her tarot card readings. @kajoralovely



Lisa has been doing Clairvoyant Readings for 25 years. In a typical session with Lisa you can expect tarot on her transparent tarot deck, light astrology, spiritual counseling, crystal dowsing and clairvoyant healing. Lisa also will look at past lives and do Akashic record updates upon request. She is a spiritual writer, teacher, and spiritual counselor. She is available to answer your questions whether it has to do with love, relationships, finance, career, past lives or the next step on your spiritual journey.

Lisa also offers Clairvoyant Aura Energy Healings/Rose Reading that includes a brief look at where you are on your current spiritual life path, 2 past lives in regards to how they are affecting one’s present life, any needed Akashic record updates, clearing chakra and Aura blocks, and ending the reading with 2 questions.  The whole process takes an hour and 15 minutes. past lives and is able to see into your personal life, career and love life.

Cell: 562 343-8038



Lawyer and Clairvoyant
Spiritual tools for Personal and Corparate Survival Intuitive Diagnostics, Tarot, Numerology, Oracles,
Readings by: Phone, Skype, Zoom Conference, Face Time
Phone:  323-342-3327
Payment: PayPal, Venmo, Credit and Debit Cards

Solomon is a gifted Clairvoyant and Melodic Sound Healer. In his readings, he is able to tap into past, present, future and past lives and is able to see into your personal life, career, love life, finances, etc. you can ask questions and/or just let him channel.   In his sound healing, be entranced in a unique way with New Age productions and energy tailored to your needs. In a sessions you may find healing, lifting of stress and negativity and being transported to a space of oneness and peace.
WhatsApp for video calls: 1-804-980-5996
Payment Options –
Venmo: @SolomonOfficial
Cash App: $SolomonOfficial


Well, you see, tea to me is my medium. Tea is my art. My livelihood. It’s how I express myself and connect to the world. As you join me in a cup of tea I will give you insight bestowed upon me hidden in your leaves. Aiding in unearthing what lies within you.

Discovering new teas isn’t about just discovering new tea farmers, it’s the process of connecting to them and unearthing their stories. Those stories nourish my center core. Tea is the medium for the soul’s connection.

I’ve provided my tea ceremonies to travelers in honor of the sun over the gorgeous Port Douglas in Australia to a moon energy connection in Taiwan.

My tricks are my tea stories acquired, talents, my wisdom from my travels and life experiences, and the smile I use to evoke the joy in me and you.

So here I am, a cancer harnessing my emotions, to show others through my experiences that each day is worth living. Empowering others to create in honor of the divine. I am a creator of safe, authentic spaces and believe in opening the heart to receive what you rightfully deserve. When asked what is my goal in life it’s to honor the divine within by creating.

How do I create you may ask?

I feel into my emotions, I sit with myself and tea hehe. What I feel I transform for all to visualize and most importantly for me to get out of my head and into my body and soul. Self expression through movement of elemental yoga, hooping, fans, and so many more things. Our bodies are our sacred vessels we must use not abuse. Taking us to the edge of life and providing us with experiences to refine to our highest self.

 You see I believe in focus but I believe in play to create and pour into our lives to nourish. My philosophy, have you lived Tea-day™? Life is a performance and through every action from brushing my teeth to cooking I invite the insane creative to play and brighten up my day, and live. I strongly believe in sharing of this knowledge which is why at my tea reading your inner child will join and we will empower through this intimate connection.

As a follower of nature and true believer in nature as medicine I was guided on to take another path, to add to my tricks, practicing yoga. Connecting back to my highest self and a very pivotal moment was when I underwent an elemental yoga training. Reminding her of the power she always held to share her practice and rise to the occasion never fearing or doubting her wisdom. Trusting and sharing with all.

For my curiosity and diverse influences has brought me this far and will continue to guide me on my path, so why not take a chance and share in the cup of tea with me? Join me and experience this life through tea!

Phone: (562)553-2715
WhatsApp for video calls: (562)553-2715
Payment:  Venmo me @camiteaexperience


Marie Kletke, Master Intuitive

Accessing the Inherent Spiritual Wisdom of All Tribes

Teacher & Guide for Intuits and Healers

I have the privilege of being aware of all my past lives where I was a healer or spiritual leader.  I use this knowledge to connect with the Divine, Nature and the Universe.   The teachings derived from their simple truths I offer to all whom I serve.  I have experienced serious illnesses and near death and this taught me the lesson of compassion and understanding.  My guides and teachers were instrumental in my understanding of how to use All that was revealed to me.  My  modality has no name because it encompasses many cultures.  I come from a family of healers of all sorts – physicians, nurses, energy healers, intuitive healers.. And have interacted with them at a very early age.
I am a Reader (Sage Tarot, Animal Spirit Cards, Chakra/Aura).
I am an Energy Healer who uses multiple modalities and works through Divine guidance.
I use Essential Oils to help your body and energy balance and align, and if needed to help you access the Divine.
I am also a Teacher/Guide to Intuitives who are in the process of discovering their gifts and to Healers who are fine-tuning their craft.
Most importantly, I am here for what is for Your Highest Good.
(562) 761-2757 Text,Viber or Whatsapp
Website: www.
Linked In:
We can connect via Zoom, FB Messenger , Zoom or Phone.
Payments thru Paypal, Venmo or Square .

The above readers and practitioners are independently owned and operated business and are not affiliates or subsidiaries of Z Fabrique.
Z Fabrique does not endorse or guarantee the information and/or advice of any parter reader or practitioner.