Getting Down and Dirty to Find Pink Tourmaline

It was dirty. It was gritty. It was an absolute blast!

It was supposed to be a trip up to Palomar Mountain. Good Food, Wine, A Cabin (I’m still a tent kinda girl,) meteorite viewing and two friends.

The side trip happened by total chance. Driving by the Pala Casino, I noticed a small, sun-bleached, sort of hidden sign telling me I was passing a place to get stones.

No way was I passing this up.

Oh-HECK-No I thought as I put the car onto two wheels and swung a crazy u-turn. I didn’t even ask my passengers if they wanted to go or not.(Even my customers know how I am with gems and crystals.)

Anyhow, that’s how I ended up at Gems of Pala paying $20.00 to dig in a pile of dirt, fill up a bucket and have an absolute blast. In the photo you can see some of what I dug up.

A few gifts went to good friends.

I gifted some of the other pieces to friends and the Big Bi-Color one went to my friend Laura, cause she had to sit and wait while two of us played in the dirt.

I had sooo much fun  and I really feel this place would be amazing for children. They are open on the weekends. This is a place to go when the temperature is a little lower. I imagine it can get so hot that it would be miserable.

On a side not I also found: lepidolite, moonstone, smokey quartz, black tourmaline and clear quartz. WooHoo! GREAT TRIP!

Location and Hours:

Gems Of Pala Dig Site
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